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Old drawing from Miiverse #1 by StephOCH Old drawing from Miiverse #1 :iconstephoch:StephOCH 2 4 2016- Flying Tails by StephOCH 2016- Flying Tails :iconstephoch:StephOCH 2 2 OLD - Quick drawing of STH by StephOCH OLD - Quick drawing of STH :iconstephoch:StephOCH 2 2 Amy The Merehog by StephOCH Amy The Merehog :iconstephoch:StephOCH 8 13 Doodles!!! Of Sue?! by StephOCH Doodles!!! Of Sue?! :iconstephoch:StephOCH 1 0 Bored by StephOCH Bored :iconstephoch:StephOCH 2 2 Random Drawing #3 by StephOCH Random Drawing #3 :iconstephoch:StephOCH 2 11 ManicAmy by StephOCH ManicAmy :iconstephoch:StephOCH 6 0 Sonikal kiss by StephOCH Sonikal kiss :iconstephoch:StephOCH 5 4 Introducing, Sweet The Chao! by StephOCH Introducing, Sweet The Chao! :iconstephoch:StephOCH 1 0 Wanna come with me? by StephOCH Wanna come with me? :iconstephoch:StephOCH 3 1 Random Drawing #2 by StephOCH Random Drawing #2 :iconstephoch:StephOCH 1 0 Tails! by StephOCH Tails! :iconstephoch:StephOCH 1 0 Scrables of Sue The Hedgehog by StephOCH Scrables of Sue The Hedgehog :iconstephoch:StephOCH 1 0 First Time Drawing The Twins! by StephOCH First Time Drawing The Twins! :iconstephoch:StephOCH 1 0 Hey look! It's Sonia! by StephOCH Hey look! It's Sonia! :iconstephoch:StephOCH 4 0


Secret love chapter 3
Chapter 3 a new world
for a past week Shadow realize at Sonic couldn't really speak English,he could speak it but not will so Shadow talk to Mephiles about teaching him
"i can't!i need to plan the wedding!"
"come on Mephiles..i mean he really can't!"
"so?everyone can understand him!"Shadow sight"please!"Mephiles growled and nodded"you can teach him but only English!"Shadow nodded and walk to Sonic's room,Sonic was sitting on the large bed waiting till Mephiles is done with his work.Shadow knock on the door"may i come in?"
Sonic smiled"yes please!"Shadow walk in and saw Sonic's smile,it was so beautiful at he couldn't speak"wow.."
"n-nothing! Sonic do you know how to speak English?"
"i do a bit...but not will"Shadow sat near him and show him a book"this is a English has English and your words in maybe it will help"Sonic smiled and nodded
after a week Sonic learn English,it was still hard on him but he got it through.on the day of the ball Mephiles show every
:iconmephonic1:mephonic1 23 29
Meta Knight swoops into DEATH BATTLE!
Age: at least 50,000 years
Height: 2-3 feet (Going by smash height
Species: Star Warrior
Occupation: Conqueror, Kirby's Rival, Star Warrior
First Appearance: Kirby's Adventure (1993)
Has a badass Spanish accent for some reason
Is capable of fighting on par with Kirby and King dedede
Other than possibly Kirby, is the strongest warrior in the galaxy
Defeated Galacta Knight, who was sealed away because he was too powerful
-Is implied to be more powerful than kirby
Flew across our solar system in seconds 
Has displayed similar power to Kirby
-Who can crack planets in half
Summoned the Omnipotent wish granter Nova
Worthy to wield the legendary sword Galaxia
Known as the most broken character in Super Smash Bros. History

-Has traded blows with Kirby, who can:
--Crack a planet in half with one punch
--Toss a giant monster into the sun and back
--Throw Marx from the moon into Nova... on the other side of the
:iconzephyrosomega:ZephyrosOmega 28 15
Not Just Another Night...
(To my posse at Rainbow Resort who corrupted me enough to write this for 'the lulz'. You know who you are.)
A strong, cool wind blew across the outskirts of Pupu Village, causing leaves in trees to rustle in a frantic rhythmic pattern. It was quite late at night; all the Cappies had already called it a day and went into their small houses for the night. However, one soul in this little town wasn't asleep.
Kirby, feeling it was too cold for sleeping in his regular spot in the tree, decided to actually use the bed in his stone home for once, much to the discomfort and outraging of Tokori. "Kirby! You haven't slept in this bed for months!" the tiny bird squawked in his obnoxiously loud voice, "-What on Earth gives you the right to use it now?" He obviously waited for an answer, but he never got one. Kirby just hopped up onto the other end of the bed, snuggling under the deep blue blankets, and pulling the covers up to his eyes. Tokori sighed. "Fine, I guess this bed is big enough for the
:iconkyra-wolf:Kyra-Wolf 100 72
Meta Knight's Walk
Meta Knight’s Walk
In the peaceful wetlands of Pupuland stood a small creature. His body was shaped like a beach ball, round and soft, and navy blue in color. A shiny steel mask hid his entire face from view, except for his glowing yellow eyes that were full of wisdom and experience that comes from old age. A navy blue cape was wrapped around his armored shoulders, and dragged slightly behind him as he walked. The metallic clanking of his sword in a sheath in a belt around his waist jingled under his cape as he walked. The man’s name was Meta Knight.
As he made his way silently along the dirt path, birds of all kinds sang merrily from treetops, and a gentle breeze blew tall stalks of grass, making them sway. It was a beautiful sunny day, yet Meta Knight barely focused on his surroundings. His thoughts turned from the peaceful atmosphere to the task at hand: finding the small Star Warrior named Kirby and his friend Bun. He had overheard Bun’s older sister Fumu telling her
:iconcasiana1:Casiana1 66 25
Tickling Meta Knight
It was very peaceful in Pupupuland. As usual, there were no more Demon Beasts, it was all calm and quiet. Kirby was chasing butterflies in the field while Meta Knight was sitting on the ground, watching him with Asami sleeping in his arms. The baby moaned and snuggled against the swordsman.
"Poyo!" Kirby squeaked as he tried to pounce on a butterfy, but missed and accidentally banged his head on the ground.
"Kirby, you'll hurt yourself if you're not careful," Meta Knight said quietly, trying not to awaken the baby in his arms. However, she was already awake. He stroked her hair as she stared at his masked face. "Did you have a nice, quiet nap, Asami?"
The baby, of course, didn't say anything. Meta Knight put her on the ground as she watched Kirby play.
"Why don't you go with him? Who knows? Maybe he wants a playmate."
Asami glanced curiously at Meta Knight before she walked slowly over to Kirby as the swordsman started reading a book.
"Asa... mi!" squeaked Kirby once the younger puffba
:iconsega-chan:Sega-Chan 31 81
Papa Meta Knight
It was chaos.
Black, swirling skies of doom and despair. Blood and rain seeped into the parched ground and ruined battleships lay in disarray. It was so horrible and devastating.
So much pain. So much death. One by one, they all fell. All of his friends died in one single war against the monster that destroyed his world. He watched his world burn, just as he watched his friends fight and get slaughtered. He was alone now. The only one left…all alone…
Then he saw it. The tall figure rise from the black horizon and loom over him like a menacing dark plague. This was it. He was going to die.
The world around him imploded in shadows as he was cornered by the monster. The monster known as Nightmare.
Nightmare raised his hand, ready to strike the death blow. This is it! He was going to die! He was going to die just like his friends had! Just like-!
Meta Knight woke with a startled gasp. He was in a cold sweat and his breath was short and fast. He put his white-gloved hand
:iconthe9tard:The9Tard 259 279
Sleeping Dragon by jerry8448 Sleeping Dragon :iconjerry8448:jerry8448 262 20 they are my student by toniart57 they are my student :icontoniart57:toniart57 93 13 Adult giant Lindwurm by Pechschwinge Adult giant Lindwurm :iconpechschwinge:Pechschwinge 369 25 Miniature D.I.Y - Cute canvas with your name! by CarlaHamster Miniature D.I.Y - Cute canvas with your name! :iconcarlahamster:CarlaHamster 5 3 VN 32 by AngelofHapiness VN 32 :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 152 24 VN 31 by AngelofHapiness VN 31 :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 130 5 VN 30 by AngelofHapiness VN 30 :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 135 17 VN 29 by AngelofHapiness VN 29 :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 111 3 VN 28 by AngelofHapiness VN 28 :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 113 4 VN 27 by AngelofHapiness VN 27 :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 114 10
I sometimes question what exactly I like now-a-days
Divider Feathers Silver by SoluxeVitaeli Divider Feathers Silver by SoluxeVitaeli


Enough Said. :P

Nah, just wasn't so sure how to start this up!

So, apparently i've been a bit too inactive here or anywhere else online for that matter and i'm not sure when i will get the chance to post more stuff cause i have been working on a bunch of drawings but i'm unsure about posting some of them...

i guess it'll be one of those "wait and see" sort of things.
Already i can tell Sonic Forces will be a good game as to the story-line...i really hope they wont mess it up!
Cause it has lots of potential for a good story, especially since SEGA is actually making a story where Eggman seems to have succeeded, and i've only heard about such a scenario in fanmade stuff or in the comics & TV shows,  but in the game!? so exited for that!!! ^^ and also really exited for Sonic Mania, and i'm actually okay that it has been delayed a bit for Summer.i'm definitely considering getting it for my birthday..if possible that is

Now all we need to do is continue to wait for the movie...^^;
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"To kill someone to save the world... Is that really the right thing to do?" -Silver the Hedgehog

Me: "Not always Silv, not always..."

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I like to consider myself an artist, even if it doesn't always seem like it.
I have a Youtube account but i haven't really bother to post any real videos yet.
....I like photography....
I love to read and write story's/make comics.
I love listening to music.
I'm a very shy person, both online and in person(at first)
I like doing computer programming (well learning, is a better description) along with trying to teach myself how to speak other languages...

See these 3 ships? There like my main OTP...
Sorry...Not Sorry ;P
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Random rambling of mine: If I could I would so change my profile name to SOCH14, but I did not know how my account was going to turn out to be like at the time that I made this...... ;D

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